Glick International Publishing - Celebrates a book from its Collection

COMPOSTISM is the 'How To' Book people should purchase when they first get their home compost bin. The plastic compost bin is a common object in the garden but many people do not know how to use them. Compost bins are often purchased in the hope of performing a positive environmental activity but because these bins are sold without any meaningful instructions people try using them once, fail, and never try again.

Glick International has been developing and refining this simple composting process using domestic compost bins for over a decade. It is a fascinating and empowering way to create luscious soil for the garden and actively promotes recycling in all age groups across the community.

COMPOSTISM is a creative solution for living better and shows how everyone can help make a simple activity like composting kitchen food scraps, sustainable. It is a system suited to either small urban spaces or suburban backyards. COMPOSTISIM encourages people to practice a simple, no fuss easy to follow method to make compost at home- successfully!

AUD$12.00 per book + AUD$2.00 postage within Australia for each book.

For international orders please email us your destination and the postage cost will be tailored to your order.

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