Rodney Glick
Project team: Made Leno,
Dewa Tirtayasa, Wayan Darmadi, Chris Hill

Everyone No.83 2009
Carved and painted wood
80 x 80 x 50cm

With these latest sculptures from his ongoing Everyone series, Rodney Glick presents us with a strange and intriguing cultural mix. The works are loosely based on Indian Hindu paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries. Glick has staged certain scenarios depicted in these paintings using Australian models, and these scenarios have then been photographed and digitally altered. The resulting manipulated images are exhibited as framed digital prints in their own right. These composite images also serve as source material for the Balinese woodcarvers and painters who have created these sculptures, with Glick providing direction and making the artistic decisions.

An early Indian painting of Krishna and his consort Radha was the starting point for Everyone No.83 which shows a pair of lovers cloaked in lotus petals. Krishna, friend to the heroic Pandawas brothers from the Mahabarata, and an incarnation of the great god Wisnu, has consummated his love for Radha but then, according to Indian sources, went through a period of wanton play with a series of beautiful cowherd girls. Hearing of his infidelity Radha overcomes intense jealousy and in time returns to become his consort and eventually to share his divine status. Even without knowing the background to this work, we might look at this representation of idealised love and wonder if all is as it seems, what emotions are the lovers concealing and what will happen when the petals fade and drop?

Chris Hill, 2009

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