Rodney Glick
Project team: Made Leno,
Dewa Tirtayasa, Wayan Darmadi, Chris Hill

Everyone No.35
Carved and painted wood
80 x 55 x 55cm

In Everyone No. 35 we see a middle aged man wearing jeans and a jumper, an average suburban dad perhaps except that he has eight arms and is sitting on a finely decorated white bull. In his four right hands he brandishes knives dripping with blood, in his four left hands he holds miniature corpses. The ordinary suburban dad has been transported to a different realm beyond time and place. He is with the gods, but also he has become everyone. Perhaps, we are thinking, he feels wronged, frustrated, angry and bent on revenge. Perhaps, but if so, what then? He is only experiencing what others have experienced through time, and what even the gods have experienced. So paradoxically we see him both as mundane and somehow noble, as ordinary as we all are but as special as those who created us.

There is a strangeness about these works, and certainly an element of humour that comes from the surprising juxtaposition of ancient Hindu subject matter with contemporary models. But these are not mere parodies, and there is certainly no intention to mock or make fun of an ancient belief system. Rather, by mixing cultures, by combining religious and secular, and by referencing art from a different age and culture, something universal is implied.

Chris Hill, 2009

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