Rodney Glick
Project team: Made Leno,
Dewa Tirtayasa, Wayan Darmadi, Chris Hill

Everyone No.92
Carved and painted wood
25 x 70 x 20cm

The skills employed in the creation of these works are superb. Made Leno, who has worked with Glick on his previous series of sculptures, has carved these works. Leno is a third generation woodcarver from the village of Kemenuh, South of Ubud. He learnt his craft at an early age from his father but also attended art school. Thanks to his training in life drawing at art school he has the ability to carve accurate representations according to Glicks images. Although Leno and Glick are from cultures that could hardly be more different, and without a great deal of common language, a rapport has grown up between these two artists.

Rodney has also worked closely with two painters, Wayan Darmadi from Bona Kelod and Dewa Tirtayasa from Abianbase. Both are art school graduates but they have also been influenced by traditional painting techniques which stress precision and scrupulous attention to detail. This combination of skills, and a keenness to learn and experiment has well equipped them to work with Glick on this project.

Viewers will initially be engaged and impressed by the consummate skill of these craftsmen, but this is not a display of technical skill for its own sake. Perhaps with all art it is the ideas that a work suggests that are most important, but for ideas to be expressed the physical form has to be appropriate. With these works there are deep ideas at work, and with such well crafted, beautiful objects, we feel we are in the presence of something significant.

Chris Hill, 2009

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